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Pillow Mist | Calm & Sleep

Pillow Mist | Calm & Sleep

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This soothing pillow mist promotes sleep and calm with its blend of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils. The natural formula helps calm the mind and improve sleep quality. The mist can be sprayed directly onto the pillow for a more relaxing night's sleep or into the air to freshen the space.

  • Made with natural plant-based ingredients
  • Spray in the air or on the pillow before bed
  • No artificial colors or fragrances
  • Handmade in Quebec

110 ml / 8 ounces

    How to use

    Hold the bottle upright and spray in the room. On laundry, spray from a distance of at least 12 inches. For external use only.

    Ingredients we're of

    Water/Eau, Essential oils/Huiles essentielles, Denatured Alcohol/Alcool dénaturé, PEG-40 (castor oil), Sodium Benzoate.

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    • Lavender essential oil

      Promotes relaxation and sleep, helps reduce the feeling of stress

    • Ylang Ylang essential oil

      Helps to reduce anxiety, improves mood and soothes


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do your products contain artificial fragrances?

    No, we do not use any synthetic fragrances. Botanical essential oils are favored for their benefits.

    What are your containers made of?

    Our containers are meticulously chosen for their local recyclability. Either made of glass or recycled cardboard, we ensure that the bottles can be recycled and reused. Learn more about our cardboard bottles.

    Can your cardboard bottles be used in water?

    Yes! Even our cardboard bottles can be used in the shower. All you have to do is let them dry between uses so that they regain their original look.

    Are your products tested on animals?

    Never! We believe that the welfare of animals is as important as that of humans.

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