About our bottles

What are they exactly ?

The bottles used to package our liquids are composed of an outer paper shell made of 100% recycled paper and a plastic barrier made of 80% recycled plastic. Their unique construction make the materials easy to separate before they go in the bin, ensuring they will be readily recycled across the country.

Did you know? Cardboard-based bottles like milk cartons and juice boxes are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, but the mixed materials make them hard to recycle and they are often shipped oversees to be processed in a particular manner, increasing the carbon footprint.

Why do they contain plastic anyways?

As much as we’d like to get rid of plastic altogether, we aren’t there yet. If a container needs to hold liquid like ours do, they’ll need a plastic barrier to make sure the liquid does not seep through the carboard material.

Eco-friendly bottles

By using the plastic only as a liner as opposed to the whole bottle, we are able to reduce its use by 60% compared to traditional bottles. That’s a big step forward in our eyes.

How should we discard them?

Make sure to separate the cardboard shell from the plastic lining and place them in the recycling bin or compost the paper shell to give the materials a new life.

Less plastic, less waste

Bottles made ethically in the USA