Les bienfaits de l'eucalyptus dans la douche

Uses and benefits of eucalyptus in the shower

The majestic eucalyptus plant adds a beautiful touch to floral arrangements but is just as beautiful when used in a bouquet.

We love eucalyptus for its beauty but also for its aromatic and anti-inflammatory properties. Eucalyptus has demonstrated benefits in improving respiratory health as well as reducing inflammation related to trachea and respiratory tract problems.

Used in the shower with water vapors and heat, it provides a spa-like experience at home!

There are several ways to diffuse eucalyptus in the shower, here are our top 3:

The bouquet of fresh eucalyptus

It can be found almost everywhere, in stores, at the florist or in the grocery store. You can pass over the fresh eucalyptus stems with a rolling pin to release the aromas, and bring them together using an elastic band.

Drape the bouquet over the shower head or on a hook, letting it hang upside down. Keep it away from direct water jet.

You will need to change it every 3 weeks or whenever you see discoloration.

Dried eucalyptus

Dried eucalyptus can be used in the shower for up to 3 months, it will need to be replaced if you notice any discoloration or loss of odor.

However, it should be noted that dried eucalyptus gives off a weaker odor.

The shower mist

The Eucalyptus Shower Mist contains a concentrated extract from the plant itself. Pure essential oil contains all the benefits of the plant and can be used in aromatherapy.

We love shower mist because it releases and diffuses the scent perfectly in the shower stall and lasts much longer than the plant itself.


The eucalyptus plant has been used for many years for its benefits and beauty. Here are the most common uses:

  • To disinfect
  • To improve allergy symptoms
  • To clear the sinuses
  • To reduce cough
  • To boost the immune system
  • To reduce muscle tension



Essential oil is not safe for internal use and should always be diluted in an oil before topical use.

Talk to a doctor or specialist before spreading eucalyptus around young children or animals.

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