Wool dryer balls (3)

100% of 100
Reduces drying time, saves electricity and preserves the life of your clothes. No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them. Handmade in Canada from 100% natural wool and tested to last over 1000 loads.
Biodegradable wool dryer balls
Made in canada
Sustainable packaging
Pure wool dryer balls absorb moisture from your dryer, which helps maintain humidity levels. The balls bounce, creating air circulation between your clothes. This results in softer clothes that dry faster and come out of the dryer less wrinkled. They eliminate static so no need to use dryer sheets. We recommend using 3 balls for full size load and 6 for larger loads.

Pure wool dryer balls are great for making cloth diapers, down jackets, quilts, towels and blankets softer and fluffier. They won't damage your clothes or your dryer, and the wool won't crumble. They contain no chemicals, dyes or fragrances, only pure wool and last for over 1000 loads.

Add a few drops of pure essential oil for a natural scent.